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Ms. Stover's way with words makes the reading flow like honey. I love that.

- Ohio reader

I just finished Current River Redemption and thought it was geat! You have definitely captured an era and a different "world." The story was so compelling, I was reading it late at night, on the train, etc. trying to race through it to see what would happen to Amy. My favorite scene is when Mrs. Isay puts Grandma Gert in her place, you gotta love it! The story is beautifully written, and Stover has crafted lyrical passages that will impress those who yearn for the literary along with a good yarn. Stover has done a wonderful job capturing another era and culture so that you feel yourself transported as well.

- Chicago Reader

It took but only a couple pages into the book to be completely enveloped in this beautifully written story. Stover certainly captures a period of time and culture that is sometimes difficult to understand. Some being the misinterpretations of one's faith and the values that are carried forth with those misinterpretations. Frankly, I couldn't put the book down. It kept me wanting to know what happened next. Can't wait for the next book!

- Connecticut Reader

I not only enjoyed this book, I found it very thought provoking. The time frame it was written about, and the problems people then faced. It clearly kept my attention, as I finished it quickly.

- Wisconsin Reader

Once started, couldn't put it down....I thoroughly enjoyed it and loved the style of writing. It was so interesting to get an insight into life in Arkansas in the early 20th century and the storyline is enchanting.

- UK Reader

This story concerns the natural need two young girls share for a life of self determination and to be freed from the hold their past has upon them. They are heroines worthy of admiration whose struggles and sadnesses I felt strongly...descriptions are so apt you will hear those cat fish sizzle as they fry and you will feel what it is to live without so much we just take for granted. It will be a long time before I forget these young women and the struggles they endured.

- Chicago Reader

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